Play The Game - Episode 1
Published: 14 Dec 2018
Episode 1 of The Panel Show’s “Play The Game” features: ADAM DOBB - BASEBALL Meet the new owner of the Sydney Blue Sox Baseball Club. Adam has taken his passion and success in business to the game he loves the most, Baseball. Hear Grant’s plans for the club, his thoughts on the sport and what Grant does outside of the sport. CLAIRE ROBERTSON - IRONMAN By Claire’s own admission she could not run to the bus a few years ago, yet 2 weeks ago she completed her second Ironman event. That’s a 4km swim, 180km cycle and a 42km run! GRANT TOULMIN - ICE HOCKEY Canadian Professional Ice Hockey player Grant has travelled the world playing the game he loves, now living in Sydney, Grant balances Ice Hockey and studies as he completes his second degree in law. They all sit down with our Host Allira Cohrs and tell us about their sport, their passions for the sport and their passions outside of the sport.
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Play The Game - Episode 1
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