Wahlberg vs Ugg
Published: 22 Mar 2019
Our Heavyweight Champion Caveman Ugg finally defends his title against the hottest contender in PWA the 21st Century Success Story Matty Wahlberg. Match Card: Marcus Kool vs. Mick Moretti Four Way Match Adam Hoffman vs. Jax Jordan vs. Michael Spencer vs. Tyler Payne Mat Diamond vs. Mat Rogers Indi Hartwell vs. Steph De Lander Tag Team Match Four Nations (Jack Bonza & Jessica Troy) vs. Robbie Eagles & Shazza McKenzie If South Loses, He Must Join SMS Match Ricky South vs. Unsocial Jordan Big Fudge vs. Tree Hugger Luchi PWA Heavyweight Title Match Caveman Ugg (c) vs. Matty Wahlberg
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Wahlberg vs Ugg
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Max Watts